The Emergent Learning Community

By its very nature, Emergent Learning is a collective practice.

We believe that the complex times we live in require us to let go of our need to be seen as expert problem-solvers and learn from our whole body of collective experience to solve the complex problems we tackle in our communities and in society at large. The EL Community is a vital and growing body of practitioners who engage in collective inquiry, learning from and with their peers, in order to promote and support Emergent Learning principles and practices around the world.

Originating from alumni of the earliest Emergent Learning Certification Program in 2013, the current EL Community now includes more than 300 individuals, representing foundations large and small, nonprofits and consulting organizations. EL practitioners come from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, working on health equity, reproductive rights, land use, climate change and many more societal challenges.

Members of the community are invited to join monthly calls on a range of topics, connect with each other through a community website, share examples of practice, serve as faculty for EL Programs, and collaborate to produce materials to share with the community and the public.