Principles of Emergent Learning

Emergent Learning is more than the sum of its practices!

It is founded on an evolving set of principles that guide our practice and help us think more deeply about the learning cultures of the teams and organizations we work in and with. Starting with the principles can help agents of change and learning to bring their whole “toolbox” to strengthening learning in their workplaces and communities. What will it take to strengthen our line of sight and keep it front and center? How can we make our thinking visible to each other? Where are we constraining ourselves and how can we maximize our freedom to experiment? What will it take to make sure we include a diverse set of voices and bring what we are learning back to our workplaces and communities?

Want to read more about the principles in action? Check out the new Guide to the Principles of Emergent Learning.

Strengthening Line of Sight

Making Thinking Visible

Asking Powerful Questions

Maximizing Freedom to Experiment

Keeping the Work at the Center

Inviting Diverse Voices to the Table

Holding Expertise in Equal Measure

Stewarding Learning through Time

Returning Learning to the System